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What Is Clinical Aromatherapy?

Clinical Aromatherapy Certification requires the practitioner to have a minimum of 300 hours of aromatherapy training, a familiarity with a minimum of 50 essential oils and their properties within a clinical framework.  

This training allows the Clinical Aromatherapist to safely use essential oils in holistic healing, integrative medicine and to formulate blends to facilitate the healing of a variety of conditions.

Homemade Natural Soap
CBD Massage Oil Blend

Body & Mind CBD Blend

This deeply healing blend has been specifically formulated for our Recovery Massage.

It contains Frankincense and Myrrh to soothe stress and anxiety as well as calm the emotions; while Sweet Marjoram and Rose Grapefruit to reduce muscle pain and relieve connective tissue soreness with their analgesic properties.

Combined with the pain relieving and stress reducing capabilities of the maximum allowable percentages of cannabinoids, this synergy of CBD and aromatherapy make a truly holistic blend for body and mind healing.

Muscle Pain Blend

Formulated with some of aromatherapy's analgesic "heavy hitters", this is the blend for when your muscles are aching from strain, injury or a heavy work-out.

Perfect for your first deep tissue, to lessen any post massage pain you may worry about experiencing.

Muscle Pain Oil Blend

Sinus Blend

This rich, herbaceous essential oil blend is uplifting and energizing. It opens the breath, clears the mind and also protects and boosts the immune system.

All of this, and its good for muscle and joint relief too!

Sinus Blend

Relaxation Blend

Let this sweet, sunny blend carry you away to fields of tall green grasses and rolling hills of lavender. There's a tiny touch of exotic frankincense to help you clear your mind, to make space for peace.

Relaxation Blend
Hair & Scalp Blend

Hair & Scalp Blend

The perfect combo of spicy and sweet, warming and cooling, this blend of cinnamon, ginger and soothing blue tansy make the perfect massage for your hair and scalp. 

They are blended into organic argan oil for a luxurious hair and scalp treatment that can be added to any massage.

Detox Blend

This blend is rich in anti-inflammatory properties.  Its essential oils support the liver in its task of filtering out toxins, microbes and damaged cells from the body.  This blend harnesses the immune boosting properties of lemon and the cleansing and anti-microbial powers of cypress and juniper berry.

Use this blend in your massage to cleanse your body tissues and lungs post surgery or illness; helping your body and skin to heal.

Pouring Massage Oil
Serum Bottles

Scar Tissue Serum

Description coming soon.

Diffuser Blends

We have a variety of high quality diffuser blends to make your house smell like a spa.  Choose one to carry you away, soothe your mind and lift your spirits.

Image by volant
Pink Flower

Beth Branco, LMT

Clinical Aromatherapist

Growing up on the island of Bermuda, aromatic plants were part of my life from childhood. I remember going to the waterside cliffs by my house with Mom to pick wild parsley while the smells of fennel, sea purslane and the waves filled the air. Memories, of how Mom sending me to the mint patch to pick sprigs of mint for cooling tea, would fill my nose with the cool aromas of the moss, fern and the cool limestone bedrock where it grew. The fun of gathering wild nasturtium flowers to decorate the dining table with their colors and their sweet, spicy pungency. There were fruits, flowers and herbs everywhere.

I bought my first book on aromatherapy in my teens and was surprised by the intricacies of the chemistry involved.  It was beyond me at the time. All I knew was that if something smelled that good, it had to be good for you. It’s taken me years to have the time to pursue this interest, but in the last decade I have been able to focus on it at last. 

I started with an online class in 2016 but wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to have an in-person instructor until I felt confident in my research abilities. In 2017 I completed a 235 hour course in holistic aromatherapy to become a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist.

I took a little detour in 2021 to take a 13 hour course in incense, a topic which I will explore further in the future.

And in 2022 I completed an additional 125 hours through the Aromahead Institute with their Advanced Graduate program and am now a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

My fascination with the medicinal properties of aromatic plants shows no sign of abating.

Please consider coming in for a consult to see how these plants and their wonderful healing properties can work for you to support your health and wellness.

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