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Schedule a MASSAGE of an hour or longer with JANET and receive a free add-on of a back scrub, himalayan stones or CBD upgrade.

Schedule a CUSTOM FACIAL with JENNIFER and get a pampering hand scrub added on to your appointment for free.


Book with Melissa on Wednesday's or Saturday's!


Melissa Novis


Join us in welcoming Melissa to our Deep Muscle Therapy Center & Day Spa family!





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CBD Massage Benefits -
CBD oil is ideal for massage therapy because of its natural anti-inflammatory effects, which help calm sore muscles and joints. Although there is still much research to be done, a recent case study has shown CBD reduces inflammation due to its activity with endocannabinoid receptors, which can act as the pathways in the body for inflammation.

Anxiety, the body's natural reaction to stress, can cause fatigue in both the mind and body for many individuals on a daily basis. For most people, anxiety can manifest itself as tension in the neck, shoulders, head, hips, feet, and hands. The physical tension produced by anxiety can be decreased with the use of CBD, as it encourages your body to speed up recovery times in these areas during and after massage treatment. According to another recent case study, 79% of participants experienced a decrease in anxiety levels after treatment with CBD.
While classic massage therapy can remedy these symptoms, CBD's natural relaxation properties enhance the benefits of the massage. Implementing topical CBD oil into massage therapy will ensure you are able to enter a deep relaxation mode.

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